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Took yesterday off to get some sleep. Tonight, I created a prototype for an image file upload. It uses CI Upload and Image Manipulation classes, with jQuery File Upload plugin and Twitter Bootstrap. Tomorrow, I will explore the possibility of opening the upload tool in a modal window.

  • grabbed Dropbox API PHP class, used test functions for controller calls.

  • added aside navigation to auth member and admin sections

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  • added a colophon about this site platform, many links.

    view about page

  • when user authenticates and authorizes a network, they are now assigned to the network group.

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Started a Facebook publish controller, it allows creation of a feed, likes, notes, comments, links, events, albums, photos, check-ins, and has the ability to delete objects.

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Cron is the time-based job scheduler in Unix-like computer operating systems. Cron enables users to schedule jobs (commands or shell scripts) to run periodically at certain times or dates. It is commonly used to automate system maintenance or administration, though its general-purpose nature means that it can be used for other purposes, such as connecting to the Internet and downloading email. The name cron comes from the Greek word χρόνος [chronos] for time.

crontab -e
crontab -e
php cron.php –run=/cron/

Problem / Solution

grep CRON /var/log/syslog: info (No MTA installed, discarding output)

apt-get install postfix – Localhost Only

Use Case

You can create a script that makes requests to Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. When initialized the script can access followed by count, friends, likes, connections, tweets, following, and followers – at predefined intervals.

This makes time based measurements, analysis, and presentation possible.

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Over the last two days I have installed a secure socket layer certificate on my dedicated rackspace server. Tonight I started a facebook app called cameragram; see what I did there, camera gram. It pulls all my latest instagram images, since I haven’t shared all of them. My plan is to implement the javascript sdk, and call fb.ui for users to post. To cross pollinate, I am going to have icons beneath the image that allow instagram users to like and comment the picture. Once an instagram user has clicked the icon, they are asked to authorize my application permission, to like or comment. This provides an out from facebook and an in to a controllable branded experience, since you can control the authorize redirect uri.